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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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morning. as of yet we don't have any word on casualties we do know that the mortar bomb landed in the countryside in turkish that territory so it is possible that no one in fact was injured or killed but as i say no confirmation on this we also have no
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word on who was responsible for this later mortar from syria what i can tell you though is that almost immediately turkey responded and went on the offensive meaning that we have the situation along the turkish syrian border intensifying it started back on wednesday when a wall to bomb fired from syria killed five turkish citizens and since in the situation has nearly escalated we're hearing from the turkish prime minister that he does not want a situation of war but he has warned the syrians not to make a fatal mistake and that is a quote from him and test his resolve the syrians will decide have apologized for those what is interesting is that you need to realize that these waters that are being fired from syria into turkey close range missiles now they are coming from terra true that is controlled by the syrian rebels so this is why many are suggesting that perhaps they are being fired on purpose they're being fired to provoke the situation and create
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a false flag operation now the reasoning behind this could be that turkey for some time has been calling for a no fly zone it might be provoked into calling for foreign intervention and for may to get involved in fact we've heard some rebel leaders in exile call for this although the majority of excels in the majority of syrians are against this but the situation intensifying on the ground and everyone concerned that we could see this water tension it's creating to some kind of regional conflict the battle certainly is intensifying the latest there's a video that has now been released by the syrian rebels we have no confirmation as to be orphaned patient of the video but in it it does claim that the rebels will start executing forty eight muslims from iran if damascus does not meet. demands of the syrian rebels now there has been dialogue and some kind of negotiations for a while between the syrian government and the ring in government at the same time
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just outside damascus the rebels have shot down a syrian helicopter gunship but this comes as shelling continues between both sides in several cities around the country russia has come to the fore in the media atri role it has say that it hopes the united nations arab envoy to syria will be coming to moscow house later this month and they too they hope that both sides will express caution moscow also saying that these cross border incidents are completely unacceptable. policy reporting right there and in the meantime author and journalist afshin rattansi used as a damascus will retaliate if pulled into a broader conflict. this kind of flashpoint is the kind of flashpoint that can create world war three. some people have it this is a false flag operation we're getting these reports of this continued as it were a reaction from the turkish government ok so one will face political problems at home but then why were they speaking with the iranians talking about how this needs
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a diplomatic solution not a military one if turkey continues down to the agreements we didn't vote this would draw in the situation a wider fears here over war and risks expanding it the people of syria and the people of turkey will not benefit from this nature says that they'll defend any nato member if turkey continue like this syria might see itself getting increasingly desperate and retaliate with full force then it's up to the united states and britain european nato allies to figure out what to do what we need urgently right now is a peace conference certainly it's up to china and russia because they're the only people stopping a full scale war the kind of war that will only help but forces it looks like such as al qaeda united states is again supporting al-qaeda and turkey mr herder one should know much better than to try and help out guy and he's been doing his best
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to fight the forces of al qaeda all through his presence. and we also spoke to be iraqi prime minister to get his stance on the development of the syrian conflict his interview and more extensive analysis for you what i thought. plus hundreds of pakistani activists hit the streets to vent their anger over the ongoing bombardment by u.s. drones you can go online to learn much more. now police have used water cannons and tear gas to disperse hundreds of program form demonstrators in bahrain's capital and the unrest came as protesters marched in a funeral procession for an activist who died in prison. after allegedly being denied proper medical treatment of people in the crowd began throwing rocks and molotov cocktails while security officers tried to stop them both already has been cracking down on the opposition for twenty months many continue hitting the streets demanding equal rights and an end to the sunni monarchy around eighty people have
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been killed and thousands arrested including prominent human rights activist job who is now serving three years in prison for attending an illegal demonstration former m.p. . says there's hypocrisy in the way that certain nations react to the unrest in bahrain. the problem and the double standard which practice by all those who is student gantries. then. you can set him on those regimes who. let's say we each relationship with them or probably they consider them as enemies but like old regime it's a part of their system they have lots of relationships they give them some let's say support. as. some first cities they have the only from our countries that's.
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what's happening here although it's not clear. what's happening somewhere else. watching r.t. still to come for you in this program that of crime and confusion we report on suspected londoners are facing multiple fines simply for meeting their everyday lives. for the meantime a twenty four year old russian student remains in critical condition after being brutally beaten in a canadian detention center almost two months ago denise was arrested matthew illegibly threatened another student russia's foreign ministry has demanded an investigation into the incident calgary police have yet to bring any charges in relation to the a sold. system of she believes that canadian authorities are being negligent. not at first that is very often it's happening always there and it isn't an awful lot to act but the accident with dennis indiscriminate and banter is the worst i
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mean condition all to hell even so lay down he's not eating on his own he has to use in his throat in his grieving to reduce do you. want to cover is still far away from this or anything on its merits low income or students cannot do is a human didn't try to reach an even worse they found it in the know they are not commenting anything and you absolutely they are not helping me will not have to be just as you know because you've been bitten like that and he deserves to have rehab in here he might not qualify because he is not the event in atlanta but there is a special governmental program in there you can use that they have to pay for something they had to begin with but canada did with him and i don't need money or whatever and one could be back to normal life i want him outside of canada
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on his own. i thought someone else passed through in the afternoon here in the russian capital a neck and neck presidential election finale predicted for sunday in venezuela at the outspoken socialist leader hugo chavez and his young democratic rival have certainly made their final pitches in the country now we're entering a day of silence parties will see catherine office in caracas with all the pre-election drama. there's no question who these venezuelans will be voting for comic tobar seventh. we are here because we support our president chavez he does many things to help us housing education programs helping the poor everything here has gotten a lot better because of him everything has changed. their red shirts brand them is the lifeblood of the venezuelan president's leftist movement through out his fourteen years in power for the hundreds of thousands of supporters who gathered in caracas on thursday the message was clear they want six more years of.
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his supporters say that chavez is the country's first president to genuinely care about the lower class. chavez is the punishment of the reach and the window of hope to make. them. under the banner of socialism for the twenty first century chavez has pumped hundreds of billions of petro dollars into the economy and government run aid programs along with earning him popular support poverty has fallen from fifty percent in one thousand nine hundred nine to around thirty percent last year yet life in this country is far from ideal and with the plague of unemployment crime and corruption many venezuelans are now saying it's time for chavez to go but i'm one of those who voted for chavez but his time has passed and we need a change. in this race change means a vote for opposition leader and. a forty year old lawyer who unlike chavez enjoyed a privileged upbringing with the son of a wealthy family that controls
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a media conglomerate and a chain of movie theaters happiness has gained supporters by promising to combat crime unemployment and corruption but opponents have charged a previous is deliberately hiding his real economic goals the candidates are. saying if you were to chavez's demand if you come from this kind of. works right or. exchange and the other kids are you feeling he's a man of the wealthy if you need a guard if you will implement privatization. stary it's a choice between two radically different worldviews a referendum and then as well as socialist experiment. on up i'd seen. now a us media coverage of the election about as well has been criticized as one sided
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against chavez and author and analyst bill fletcher he says that the incumbent leaders ideology has long been a headache for washington it is because president child is from the very beginning has been asserting the sovereignty of venezuela the desire to change the economic rules and this runs counter to the economic philosophy that comes are the united states so no matter what chavez has done at different points he ends up being more lame there's some sort of demon and we can remember in a coup of two thousand and two for us was quick to recognize the coup people and quick to denounce charges venezuela could be an example for other countries i mean here you have a country that is seeing that neo liberal economics is failing the plan or that the polarization of wealth which we see not just in one country not just in two
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countries but globally is completely toxic and must be addressed and that there must be a redistribution of wealth there are companies cannot run roughshod over the rest of the planet i mean this is antithetical to what's been known as the washington consensus so in that sense the secret of president chavez is as a threat. or it's also to come this hour here out see that if pre-election fatigue . is so tired of all of it you know i mean it's almost like it's more than twenty four hours a day coverage on everything on the us presidential elections we ask the people in america how they really feel about the race for the white house. after a short break. tucked in between the russian mainland japan and the sun coming island is the
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island of minute on named after french seafarer who discovered it it is described as the pride of the sakhalin region we'll take a look at what's in store for us here. until two thousand and four the island was part of the borders own and was completely restricted to news it is now the speech u.s. place is open to tourists unique plants and animals are its top attraction. treaty has been exploring the deaths on the world seas for several decades but it's here at more your own island where he has finally found what he'd been looking for . the water here is very clear the visibility is very good and the underwater world here is extremely rich i've been to many diving locations across the planet including the island of bali but mine are on top of my list while some go to the
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cycling region to enjoy the sights others convert the islands nature's riches into a healthy dollar it is home to the biggest seafood processing factory in russia the tonight shock hundreds of thousands of tons of fish get caught in the nets too late to produce delicious salamon caviar and necessary attribute of any feast in russia the owner of the enterprise. as a good fishing season can bring in more than a hundred million dollars net profit. and to a large extent this is old to do what cycling offers environmentally. operates in the only and natural habitat and mild climate unique natural sights and delicious seafood. for a diverse holiday for those who are not afraid to travel ten thousand kilometers from europe the question is whether this distant land would ever be able to become a major tourist destination.
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by joining us here on r.t. today i'm sure i live in moscow drinking dog walking even feeding the birds well up to fifty is now considered criminal in hundreds of london's parks where the move has been slammed by civil liberties groups as an attack on personal freedoms while the government insists the ban is in place to tackle anti social behavior sara further investigations here in this park in london if you all found drinking alcohol all growing up all or even feeding the pigeons in a person may be committing a criminal or civil at the prize pool so are lots of people we're joined now by. the creator of the google maps banned in london which sets out the people these things in london where you could commit an offense the century for these activities
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that most people would. see pretty legit can you tell us more about what sort of things people should be looking out for exactly and i think all these activities are things people consider to be quite ordinary so handing out leaflets having a drink in the park with your friends walking your dog we realize that over the past few years you've seen the growth. where quite ordinary. activities are prohibited the banned in london map shows a whopping four hundred thirty five of these provisions lines aimed at tackling and he say sure behavior the might of been a good policy idea in theory has local people say and it up a very bad policy in practice meaning hardline crackdowns on the softest of misdemeanors disconcertingly many bars in london have now hired private contractors to carry out the enforcement of these fines phil morris knows all about them after his local council hired excell services he received an eighty pound penalty for
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dropping a cigarette butt and act he maintains he didn't know it was illegal he refused to pay to fruit float. so just to our ex for the private security and surveillance of the ming providers a so-called enforcement offices in the u.k. contracted by some local councils thirst after kitted out with cameras and uniforms but their tactics of pursuing these fines often seem far from professional all of the star wars. well the way. we asked phil's local council for their response they told r.t. these new offices back up our support for the public who are not with the actions of the minority who litter and who in their dog fouls. are litter and
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not get paid unless the issue of find appropriately so only get paid if they find someone to fine a fact confirmed by a glance at their website which just shows local councils that their service is risk free and they won't charge and less the penalties unsurprising than that the areas where x. will have been hired has seen a massive increase in the number of fines that a receipt and there's now concern over whether that is fair or ethical recount ability the transparency i recently dealt in the home affairs select committee which looks at these issues with a case of the law on the bar of new and which has law enforcement officers who are in fact council officials but dress up like police have been promised them a commission is going to look into it because it's it's actually i think a criminal activity to pretend to be a police officer when you're not and i'm very concerned about how about that trend is going i think in the past it would be assumes that people knew the law that it was reasonable and so long as you weren't creating
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a problem then you could do what you like but increasingly it seems that that is no longer the case these findings may be surprising for sun but the truth is these types of laws and offenses have been creeping up on us the some time now and they're actually growing in number so also the moment you can enjoy the parks in london but every day do not feed in tariff are. ok or straight to venice now to start of the r.t. world update its whereabouts revenues are set of places people call for the regions independence from rome but this comes after violent clashes between students and the police broke out. in several italian cities in the latest show of anger against prime minister monti's spending cuts and despite government efforts italy continues to slide deeper into recession with the youth unemployment rate at thirty five percent. and the pope benedict's former butler has been found guilty of stealing
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confidential papers and sentenced to eighteen months in jail in his final appeal paolo gabriele he denied the theft but told the court he leaked the pope's private correspondence to a journalist out of visceral love for the roman catholic church the case has been an embarrassment for the vatican it comes at a time when the church is still reeling from a series of scandals involving the sexual abuse of minors by clerics and that of financial mismanagement. at the u.s. defense secretary leon panetta has lashed out at the afghan president saying the country's leader should thank nato forces for fighting and dying for his country he was responding to how much karzai is complaints this thursday that washington is failing to go after militants based in pakistan other outcomes as the alliance continues to suffer so-called insider attacks which afghans turn their guns on coalition troops some two thousand u.s. troops now have lost their lives since the war began in two thousand and one.
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libyan troops are in circling the city of bani walid a former stronghold of the country's ousted leader moammar gadhafi locals are claiming the city is practically under siege with food and fuel supplies blocked tensions were sparked by the death of a former rebel credited with the colonel's capture the man in question was kidnapped and held up near bani walid he died shortly after his release due to injuries inflicted by his captives tripoli is demanding the release of other captives in the region. now amid the u.s. presidential race barack obama is being sued by a chinese owned company which he blocked from buying a wind farm in america the chinese investors claim obama issued the order without any explanation it comes as the white house faces more pressure from the republicans to toughen up on beijing and some observers say obama's simply at the moment trying to woo u.s. voters the timing is somewhat suspicious just because the two
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presidential cared the vying to do each other in demonizing china in this whole arc presidential campaign which every candidate when president obama and governor romney both war at the end have to. prepare for all this damage that has been incurred and rather unnecessarily so i think i think the american people understand the u.s. senator elations far better candidate seems at the end to stand and somehow really feel that putting this needed cast on china is going to gain the most and i believe that they're right. and as the world awaits the possible outcomes of november's u.s. presidential ballot our resident laura toughness took to the streets of new york to find out what voters make of the race so far.
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the two thousand and twelve presidential elections why are they so boring this week let's talk about that. so tired of all of it you know i mean it's almost like it's more than twenty four hours of coverage on everything you know no matter what happens and nothing happened exactly having said that i think obama's going to win do you think he believes in himself as much as he did four years ago because he seems kind of tired he seems like he's a little frustrated i think he's more tired of mitt romney and just all of this like he just wants to get it over to november and just like ok give me you know my polls and let me when he says bored with the elections as we are very much president obama's thing with the first african-american president i was so exciting no it's boring me again i don't know if there's going to be as much of a turnout for voters this year are you going to vote saluting we're talking about the election you know. i'm not american you haven't let me now yeah we don't we
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don't let a lot of americans vote to you apparently why do you want to run don't you think either candidate can get it done i think there's too much corruption in the government i mean this should be important right. but how can it be a problem with any two parties. and there's no really a choice right it's one of the other and if by a really good option then what you did and the bush kerry kerry yeah i was just like i like which one do i like the least ok i'll use the other a vote of the other one yeah yeah so it's kind of the same thing as two thousand and four that maybe it's just like one of those here the new times a new age you need to support the people of your country is very important so is that what there is that what's missing this year neither of them are really speaking to the people yes the forty seven percent that came from romney and now the thirty percent thing that came from ryan and. a lot of presidents telling us that they don't care about it at this point
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a month away from elections i feel like they just wants to be to get it over with and they just want to hear more details of plans yeah get it over with and get on with do something. good they do things that not does work well. they're the smart ones with all the millions of dollars do you think they get put on a better so. whether or not you think this election is boring the bottom line is we only have about a month until it's finally over and we can all gladly move on. now and in a just a moment here on our all going off talks to the co-founder of. finds out how to ensure computer security in the digital age on the age of. spotlight in just a sec. in
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the glow of russia's no four way from civilization it is to me all one helicopter treat from the nearest village. the still one family have been living here for a long time in tents made of reindeer skins. lodging runs in a signal and minutes they also grew up in the two but left it at the age of six and never returned they now live in the city in apartment building but still room and
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their regions was. gonna open the lot of you is a dancing teacher. was a and it's still his dances he tells the stories about his motherland. lives in a repeat in there has a one thousand strong reindeer herd when the enemy only saw the lichen and most around brood is gather their turns and move to another posture they travel hundreds of kilometers in winter women and children for them. but the two families have less of a chance to come across each other they belong to different worlds even though there is sometimes a similar.


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